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The RoadShare campaign has garnered support from segments across society, including MSPs, athletes, surgeons, writers, businesses and more. Scottish Cycling and Cycling clubs across Scotland are also supporting the campaign. Here are just some who have given us their backing.

Dunfermline Cycling Club

"The concept of presumed liability has been on the club's radar since the launch of the Road Share campaign last year.
 We are happy to lend our support as it's an idea which we all felt would result in significant improvements to the way cyclists are viewed."

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Steering Group


The Road Share campaign has set up a steering group to take things forward.

To find out more about the individual members of the Steering group and its overall remit.

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MSP Supporters

The campaign has attracted Cross Party support at Holyrood. See who is supporting, who is undecided and who doesn't support the campaign.

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Celebrity Supporters


The Campaign has successfully attracted a number of celebrity supporters who feel strongly about the introduction of presumed liability and have given their support.

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