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Celebrity Supporters

Mark Beaumont

Record breaking cyclist, adventurer and broadcaster 

"My passion for cycling started as a young boy in rural Scotland and has taken me all over the world.  And I want to see everyone being able to enjoy cycling whatever their lifestyle.  I have witnessed first-hand the great cycling cultures of other European nations and am aware of the role that a stricter legislation in Civil Law has played in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France to help bring about safer roads.


"Having learned more about the Road Share campaign's calls for a system of presumed liability, I firmly believe that their proposals would go a long way to helping improve the safety and cycling culture in Scotland.  This is an area the Scottish Government should be taking a closer look at if it is truly committed to safeguarding cyclists and non motorised road users whilst at the same time getting more Scots on their bikes. 


“I believe by introducing presumed liability to our Civil legal system, and therefore bringing Scotland into line with most of Europe, it would ensure injured cyclists and pedestrians are compensated quickly and fairly.  This is vital if we are to encourage more Scots to see their world by bike and encourage a change of mindset in drivers."

Craig MacLean

Professional Cyclist, World Champion, Commonwealth Champion, Olympic Silver medallist, Tandem pilot, World Record holder, Paralympic Champ

Craig MacLean, originally from Grantown-on-Spey, is the only British cyclist (second ever) to have won medals at both Olympic and Paralympic games.

“I fully support Road Share’s call for presumed liability as I believe any measure or campaign that raises the awareness of cyclist safety on our roads is a positive step forwards in improving the culture amongst all road users.

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Dr Andrew Murray

GP, runner, author, and endurance athlete

“I like the fact that more cycle lanes are in place, and that speed limits are being cut in some residential areas but I recognise more needs to be done to improve our cycling cultures and I think bringing the UK into line with the rest of Europe by protecting the more vulnerable road users would be a positive step.
“My wife was knocked off her bike recently by a motorist turning left without indicating who ‘hadn't thought about a bike being there’. Incidents like this show me why a culture that respects all road users, in vehicles, on bikes and on foot is needed.
“It is great to see the cultural shift that has been achieved in relation to drink driving and the wearing of seatbelts, and presumed liability may be part of a solution that could increase health and happiness in Scotland.
"We know that getting active, and staying active is one of the best things that we can do for our health. For example, walking or cycling 2.5 hours a week would on average increase the life expectancy of a couch potato by 7.2 years.  Regular exercise also makes us happier. So, making the roads as friendly an environment for cyclists, runners and walkers alike is absolutely key to getting more people more active more often and I believe a system of presumed liability can help achieve this.”

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Nick Nairn

Celebrity chef, Broadcaster and keen Cyclist.

"Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that I myself enjoy and I feel it should be accessible to all.  It is important to me that all road users share a mutual respect for one another and help keep each other safe.

I am happy to lend my support to Cycle Law Scotland’s campaign for strict liability as I understand the importance of protecting all road users involved in accidents. Introducing a clear line of responsibility has the potential to increase awareness amongst cyclists, pedestrians and drivers which could ultimately save lives.

Scotland has the opportunity to take the lead and change attitudes towards cyclists on our roads. I believe it could encourage more people to take up cycling and help make us a healthier nation."

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Scott and Jenny Hastings

Former Scotland and British Lions rugby Internationalist

“For Jenny and I, this is all about awareness. All road users need to be far more aware of cyclists who use the road. Scott and Jenny HastingsThis can be as simple as giving more space to a cyclist when passing or overtaking but we also believe that cyclists also have a responsibility to be more visible to other road users.

Cycle Law Scotland will help to make our roads safer for all cyclists and we would urge as many people as possible to support this worthwhile campaign."

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Karen Darke

British Paralympic Cyclist, Paratriathalete, Adventurer and Author

“I am keen to support Cycle Law Scotland’s plans for stricter liability as I feel there needs to be significant changes to the UK’s cycling culture.

“From my own personal experience, cyclists riding in Europe are afforded much more respect and acknowledgement both by drivers and the infrastructure in place. For example, signs urging motor vehicles to be aware of cyclists and wider overtaking lanes.

"Whilst I support the aims of the Road Share Campaign, to support the most vulnerable, I also feel strongly about increasing the level of responsibility taken by all road users towards their own safety. Whether driver, cyclist or pedestrian, it's key that we all take the appropriate steps to avoid harming others through either wearing seat-belts, hi-vis clothing, safety helmets, or just taking the extra tim to look around us."

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Steering Group


The Road Share campaign has set up a steering group to take things forward.

To find out more about the individual members of the Steering group and its overall remit.

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MSP Supporters

The campaign has attracted Cross Party support at Holyrood. See who is supporting, who is undecided and who doesn't support the campaign.

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Celebrity Supporters


The Campaign has successfully attracted a number of celebrity supporters who feel strongly about the introduction of presumed liability and have given their support.

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