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Case Studies

We believe that Presumed Liability will have a real and lasting effect on our justice system. Cycle Law Scotland have provided us with some case studies that perfectly illustrate why Presumed Liability is such necessary part of a fairer system.

A summary booklet of these case studies can be downloaded below 

Road Share Case Studies

November 2011>

A 13 year old girl, Hope Fennell, died in November 2011 when she was hit by a HGV lorry on a busy                  suburban high street in Birmingham. Read what happened here.

January 2012> 

  • Jamie Aarons had been cycling her bike in Glasgow when a taxi driver opened his door into her path. Read more about her storyhere

January 2012> 

Andrew McNicoll was a cyclist who was killed in a collision with a lorry on the Lanark Road, Edinburgh in January 2012. His family had to wait over two years for the criminal case to be concluded. See more here.her

April 2013>

Alexander Gibson, 67 years old and a cyclist for 15 years, was cycling in the North West of Scotland in April 2013 when he was suddenly struck from behind by a minibus. Read more here

September 2015>

Sally Low was killed whilst cycling in September 2013 near Overton, Morayshire. She was a single mother and cared for her two teenage sons both of whom were school age. Read more here

February 2015>

 On the 12th January 2004, on the A98 between Banff and Fraserburgh, a 13 year old schoolgirl, Lesley          Jackson was seriously injured in a collision with a car. Read more here

December 2016>

Cyclist, Jennifer Wallace, spent her 49th birthday in Intensive care after a 78 year-old driver caused her to fall off her bike. Jennifer sustained ten broken bones in her neck and spine, fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and a significant head injury. Read more here

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