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The Road Share Steering Group


The wider purpose of the steering group is to determine a consensus on the issue of presumed liability amongst cycling, pedestrian and other outside stakeholders.  Using evidence-based research, it will provide a forum for discussion and a platform for debate while working towards the production of a written policy statement with a clear direction of intent that will be presented to Scottish Government, Transport Scotland officials, and MSPs.  This should also conceivably form the basis of a Member’s Bill that could be introduced to Holyrood.  

Meet the Team 

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Rod Mitchell
Head of Marketing

Founder and Principal Consultant at Mitchell Marketing & Media, Rod Mitchell provides valuable expertise and experience for the Road Share campaign.

Cllr Jim Orr
Edinburgh City Council

An Edinburgh Councillor, Jim Orr is formerly the Council's Vice Convener of Transport and Environment, cycling spokesperson and Sustainability Champion. 

Peter Hayman
ex CTC Councillor for Scotland

Peter Hayman is a CTC Scotland Committee member who works with individuals and communities to improve conditions for cyclists. He was also on the Board of the original Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) 2010.

Craig Burn
Chief Executive Officer at Scottish Cycling

Craig Burn is the CEO for Scottish Cycling, which is the internationally recognised governing body for cycle sport in Scotland, and previously worked as Sport and Outdoor Education Manager with North Lanarkshire Council. 

Cllr Frank McAveety
Glasgow Cycling  Czar, Glasgow City Council

Former MSP for Shettleston, Frank McAveety now works for Glasgow City Council as 'cycling tsar' to help improve conditions for the city's cyclists.

Dr David Martin
Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee

Dr David Martin works at the University of Dundee, specialising in Biological Chemistry and is a keen recreational cyclist.He is Chair of the Dundee Local Access Forum, The Dundee and District Cyclists Union and is a CTC right-to-ride representative.

Eachann Gillies

An enthusiastic advocate of cycling and regular rider, Eachann Gillies is a Digital Engagement Manager for the Scottish Government and was lead researcher for the Road Share paper published in March 2015.

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Derek Halden
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Brenda Mitchell

Brenda Mitchell, lead Solicitor with Cycle Law Scotland, is one of Scotland's most experienced Personal Injury Lawyers. She has represented cyclists and their families for over 27 years. In recognition of her specialist service, she was awarded Solicitor of the Year 2013 at the Scottish Law Awards.

Kim Harding
Pedal On Parliament

Kim Harding is a member of Pedal on Parliament, an organiser for the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, a former driving instructor, and professional ecologist.

Derek Halden
'Derek Halden Consultancy'

Derek Halden brings a wealth of experience from a variety of transport related projects to the Roadshare Campaign, having worked on many road safety projects with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, businesses and charities. He is a Chartered Engineer a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and Chair of the Scottish Transport Studies Group

Margaret Dekker
Researcher/Sec for S.C.I.D.

Margeret Dekker is a member of SCID, and works tirelessly to improve the safety of vulnerable road users and to help the families of the victims of road crashes.

Patricia Fort 
Convenor, Go Bike, the Strathclyde Cycle Campaign

Patricia Fort is the Convenor for Glasgow Cycling Campaign 'Go Bike' which exists to promote cycling in the Strathclyde area of Scotland, 

Mark Beaumont
Adventurer, Author, Broadcaster, Speaker

TV presenter and broadcaster, record breaking round the world cyclist and ultra endurance adventurer. Marks epic documentaries have taken viewers to over 100 countries, into the Arctic, the high mountains and recently around the Commonwealth.


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