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Current justice system for vulnerable road users doesn’t work

Victim’s story highlights the shortcomings of the current fault-based system, as she comes through 18 month nightmare. The victim of a road traffic collision is joining the campaign to change the law, after her experience left her battered and bewildered by a system heavily weighted in favour of the car driver and feeling worthless. 

Mark Beaumont video plea to new Scottish Parliament

Mark Beaumont, is leading calls for the new Scottish Parliament to support a change in civil law to help protect vulnerable road users. As an ambassador for the campaign group Road Share, Mark has fronted a heart-felt video setting out the case for presumed liability, which has been sent to all MSPs in the new Scottish Parliament.

STUC joins call for change in Civil Law to help improve cycling safety

The call for presumed liability for Scotland’s cyclists and other vulnerable road users has been taken up by the STUC. Support for a change in Scots Civil Law was agreed at Congress this week and it will now be STUC policy to seek presumed liability alongside other cycle safety measures including extended cycle routes and employer initiatives.

The campaign for presumed liability on our roads spreads across the British Isles, prompting fears that Scotland could be left behind.

Support to introduce presumed liability into Civil Law to protect vulnerable road users is broadening, as the Scottish campaign, Road Share, is taken up by an increasing number of cyclists as well as policy makers, lawyers and insurance companies in different parts of Great Britain & Ireland.

Injured cyclist, Alex Gibson, calls for a change in the Law as Police upheld his
complaint for not investigating his cycling collision. 

A complaint brought by 67 year old cyclist, Alexander Gibson, against PoliceScotland for failing to investigate a road traffic collision that put him in hospital has been upheld by the Chief Inspector of South Highland Area Command

Leading road safety charity, BRAKE, backs Road Share’s campaign for presumed liability

Leading road safety charity, BRAKE, has announced it is backing the campaign calling for presumed liability for Scotland’s vulnerable road users. 

Adventurer Mark Beaumont delivers Road Share research calling for the introduction of presumed liability for vulnerable road users.

New research shows that government attempts to encourage active travel are being hampered by a lack of legislation that protects walkers and cyclists.

Scotland is falling well behind its European neighbours in promoting walking and cycling.

Record breaking cyclist, adventurer and broadcaster Mark Beaumont

lends support to Road Share campaign for Presumed Liability

Record breaking cyclist and well known broadcaster, Mark Beaumont, who held the record for cycling around the world, has become the latest name to put his support behind the Road Share campaign for presumed liability, 

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Cycle Law Scotland and CTC Scotland call for tougher legal system to protect victims’ family and friends

Brenda Mitchell, founder of Cycle Law Scotland founder and Donald Urquhart CTC Scotland Secretary are speaking out against the often barbaric impact of Scotland’s fault-based civil laws coupled with the nation’s criminal procedures which deny relatives of the deceased swift access to justice.

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Alexander Gibson: A case study

For 67 year old experienced cyclist Alexander Gibson, a leisurely tour of the North West highlands turned out to be the beginning of a long and painful legal battle after being accused of being responsible for a serious collision with a minibus which put him in hospital.

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Road Share campaign speaks out after rise in deadly accidents

Campaigners have renewed calls for presumed liability to be introduced in Scotland, following a recent wave of tragic collisions between cyclists and motorists and are urging people to sign their online petition to bring Scots Civil Law in line with the rest of Europe.


Road Share supporters turn out to celebrate city cycling initiative

A group of 12 Road Share campaign supporters took to the streets of Glasgow today to celebrate cycling in the city - just minutes after the start of the Glasgow 2014 men’s Time Trial racing.

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David Mundell MP backs Road Share’s call for presumed liability


Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale MP David Mundell has become the latest high-profile figure to back the Road Share campaign for presumed liability for road traffic collisions, saying politicians “have a duty to consider any proposals which could improve road safety"

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Scots are 19 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured if they walk a mile compared with driving


Derek Halden gives us his thoughts on the latest road accident and injury statistics. 

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Olympic athlete lends support to Road Share

Craig MacLean, originally from Grantown-on-Spey, is the only British cyclist (second ever) to have won medals at both Olympic and Paralympic games.  Now, he’s lending his voice to the increasing call for presumed liability laws to be discussed in a Member's Bill at the Scottish Parliament. 

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