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Road Safety Charity BRAKE

“Studies of our own have shown that too many drivers do not concentrate at the wheel, often flouting road safety. All too tragically, there are consequences to this, especially for the more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. A simple, and ultimately very fair and reasonable change to our Civil Law, would constitute a big step forward to changing attitudes on the road and would clearly show that, as a nation, we consider road safety a priority.”

SCID (Scotland's Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers)

Supporting Victims of Road Crashes

"SCID believes that presumed liability would have the added psychological effect of making drivers more aware of vulnerable road users and this has shown to be true by the reduction of children, pedestrian and cyclists' casualties in the countries where the presumed liability law is applied." 

Spokes - the Lothian Cycling Campaign

"Spokes believes that cycling (like walking) "is cheap, efficient, enjoyable, healthy, non-polluting and intrinsically safe."  Unfortunately, however, this intrinsic safety is compromised by motor traffic. The ideal solution for cycling on busy roads is physical separation through protected cycleways, but changing the rules on liability to a more European model is one of several other measures which could improve safety for all on all roads.  It would also give greater reassurance to pedestrians over pedestrian/cycle incidents."


Go Bike

Campaign group promoting cycling throughout the Strathclyde area

"Go Bike aims to get more people cycling and better infrastructure for them to cycle on and we believe more people will cycle if road users respect each other, and behave responsibly leading to a safer environment for all. The Road Share campaign for Presumed Liability is one of the tools which will help us achieve this aim."

Steering Group


The Road Share campaign has set up a steering group to take things forward.

To find out more about the individual members of the Steering group and its overall remit.

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MSP Supporters

The campaign has attracted Cross Party support at Holyrood. See who is supporting, who is undecided and who doesn't support the campaign.

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Celebrity Supporters


The Campaign has successfully attracted a number of celebrity supporters who feel strongly about the introduction of presumed liability and have given their support.

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